AETA Journal Vol 40 No2 2012 Republic of Korea

AETA Journal Vol 40 No4 2012 South Korea

Nalanda and the Asian Renaissance by George Yeo, Korean Herald
Western Slant on China Skews Shape of Things to Come by Kishore Mahbubani, Sydney Morning Herald
Yang ban Mask by Lim Jae-hae, Andong National University
Why Asia Skills? – The Asia Education Foundation
South Korea, an introduction
Republic of Korea Fact Sheet – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
The Australia – Korea Relationship: An introduction by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Timeline of Korean History
Reflective Writing: An Introduction
The Search for Freedom in South Korea: A personal account
From Time Magazine’s ‘Heroes of the Environment’
A Comparative Study: Teaching Resources and Strategies for Stages 2/3
-The Restoration of the Cheonggyecheon Stream
-Wonga Wetlands, Albury
-Science and HSIE Programme
A Visual Arts Unit on Korea for Stage 2
Korean Cultural Study – Stage 3
Writing and Keeping Journals: An introduction
My Journal of the Republic of Korea: Crouching Tiger
Korea/ Australia: A Stage 3 Unit
Korean Art: A Stage 4-6 Unit
Korea: A Country Divided by War. A Stage 5 History resource
-Korea: A Country Divided by War – Questions
Military Sexual Slavery: Examining the Historical and Human Rights Issues Stage 5 -6 History and Legal Studies