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Flood mitigation in Tokyo

Flood mitigation in Tokyo Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and is home to some 35 million people, 28% of the total population of Japan. The Region is located on an alluvial floodplain with Tokyo Bay on one side (1.5 .million Tokyo residents live below sea level). There are eight major rivers that flow through the Tokyo Basin including the Sumida River: the whole area is prone to flooding.

Palm oil production in South-east Asia

The impact of palm oil production in South-east Asia It's a jungle out there This study guide will focus on the impacts of Palm Oil production in Indonesia and Malaysia. Palm Oil has been hailed as the great saviour of the human race as it scrambles to find an alternative to fossil fuels yet, at the same time has been blamed for the deforestation and habitat destruction of vast swathes of rainforest throughout the region. The study guide has been designed to demonstrate the importance of sustainability, deforestation, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity using the impacts of Palm Oil production as its primary case study.