Nepal is the most geologically hazardous country on Earth. In 2015 an earthquake and its aftershocks triggered landslides and avalanches. The intensity of the earthquake was felt in countries such as Bangladesh and China. Entire villages and World Heritage sites were destroyed, and deaths exceeded 8,000 people.

The unit covers geographical knowledge and understanding relevant to the Geography curriculum (ACARA and New South Wales) and well as geographical inquiry and skills such as satellite images, maps, photographs, diagrams, statistics and graphs.
Additionally the unit covers:

  • Geographical Concepts such as place, space, scale, interconnection, change, environment and sustainability.
  • General Capabilities such as numeracy, literacy, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ICT, civics and citizenship, and work and enterprise.

Student activities and links to websites are integrated across the content.


Human Well Being

Year 10 Geography

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Inquiry and Geographical skills (graphs, statistics, tables, photographs)
  • Measuring and Mapping (current indicators)
  • Inquiry Questions
  • General Capabilities (including ICT)
Spatial variations in China by Susan Bliss – free download for all teachers

Stage 4/5 Geography

It’s a jungle out there – the impacts of palm oil production in South-east Asia


Flood mitigation in Tokyo – Japan by Di Dunlop


Spirituality of water by Dr Susan Bliss


Stage 5 Urban India using geographical tools by Dr Susan Bliss


Stage 4 History

Borobudur – a world heritage site by Ross Mackay


Stage 5 History

Hiroshima – by Kelly Campbell


The Dragon Trilogy – a novel study


Chinese Ceramics