Why Join AETA?

The benefits of being a member of AETA are:

    • opportunity to take part in overseas enrichment trips
    • availability of in-servicing and sharing of expertise.

Membership of the Association provides opportunities for you to:

    • meet and mix with teachers of like-minded commitment and interest
    • share resources, strategies and units of work, K-12
    • tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the Asia region
    • broaden understandings of the possibilities provided by syllabuses for the inclusion of an Asian Perspective
    • contribute to the teaching resource (journal) and newsletter
    • travel overseas as a tour facilitator or participant
    • present at workshops and conferences
    • participate in all professional development opportunities offered
    • work with teachers from different levels of education
    • lobby for the provision of subjects in our curriculum to have an Asian focus
    • contribute to the management and organisation of the Association in a variety of ways e.g. taking on an
    • executive role, assisting with mail-outs
    • build rewarding relationships with a variety of organisations
    • keep your interest and excitement in teaching alive and
    • meet great people!

To make inquiries about membership or to contact the Secretary, please email